The coverage footprint represented in this site constitutes a unique opportunity for existing or new broadcasters to reach significant markets along the major transportation corridors.  There is a special benefit to the full power stations and major networks seeking to deploy Mobile DTV services, as only these unique assets are already licensed to deliver substantial coverage to the major Interstate highways.


Strategic Opportunities

The sellers of these Construction Permits are continuing to develop innovative new broadcast services as converged broadcast-broadband networks, with specific potential to deliver the most common Internet video content on behalf of major content owners and distributors.  There are franchise opportunities open in selected markets in concert with existing or newly created local broadcasters.


Turn Key EF&I Services

If potential buyers require support with the design and construction of their new broadcast facilities, the sellers are positioned to offer turn key installation and operational support to enable the successful implementation of your business.



This web site was established to efficiently manage the sale or strategic alignment of a growing footprint of Low Power Television (LPTV) construction permits and licenses in markets below the top 100, throughout the United States.  This unique footprint was created as part of a new, fully converged, broadcast-broadband national network that is now languishing due to the, as yet, undefined voluntary incentive auction initiatives advocated by the FCC Chairman.

LPTV licenses are full 6 MHz TV channels that are limited to a maximum of 15 kilowatts of power with an exclusive protected contour out to a power level of 51 dBu, which typically results in a service area of about 30 miles from the transmitter site.  LPTV stations are only secondary to full power stations, and post the mandatory digital conversion of full power TV stations in June 2009, there are unlikely to be many relocations among the existing LPTV allocations.

LPTV stations can be converted to Translator stations with a single page notification to the FCC, with similar flexibility for Translators that seek to become LPTV transmitters.  Translators are stations that simply repeat the content of major market stations into underserved areas.



The sellers are willing to entertain financing terms on a case-by-case basis.  Please enquire with your specific interests and requirements.  We will respond promptly.